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Penny Dean

Firearms Law Seminar

What every person that carries a firearm MUST KNOW When can you shoot? When SHOULD you shoot? How much will it “cost” if I draw my firearm? If I shoot? What if I just display my firearm? What about “warning” shots? Am I willing to pay the price, in dollars, risk and personal costs to defend myself? What is the law? What are the practical realities of brandishing? Of pointing? Of being charged with anything firearm related? If you are not 100% certain about the answers to these and other firearms related questions, this is the class for you. Normal rate is $250/hour, but for $75 you can attend a 5 hour lecture/ Q & A on Firearms and the Law with Attorney Penny Dean.
Call us at 603-235-4169 to reserve a seat for our October 18th Class 10:30AM - 4PM
NRA Instructor

NRA Courses

We are now offering the NRA Home Firearm Safety Course through Chester Arms LLC. Our next scheduled Class is in August. Please visit our NRA Courses page for additional details.

New Products


Ruger, LCR, 9MM

Double Action Only.
FT: Pinned Ramp, RR:U-Notch Integral Sights.
Glass-Filled, Hogue Tamer W/Sorbothane Insert Stock.
5 Capacity.
13.5 oz.
Item # 5456

Sale Price: $489.00


Braztech Rossi, RG3030

Lever Action.
Adjustable Buckhorn Sights.
Hardwood Stock.
6+1 Capacity.
Side Ejection.
Item # RG3030B

Sale Price: $499.00


Citadel, M-1 Carbine

Ft: Fixed Rr: Adjustable Sights.
Wood Stock.
Comes with two 10rd Magazines.
Bayonet Lug.
Made in Italy.
Item # CIR22M1W

Sale Price: $349.00

Nebo Flashlights

Nebo Flashlights

Looking for a great stocking stuffer?
Nebo provides a variety of durable products that are perfect for all ages.

Prices Vary


Kel-Tec, KSG

Pump action shotgun.
Black polymer bullpup .
Downward ejection
Internal dual tube magazines
12 gauge
14+1 Capacity.
Black finish.
Item # KSG

Sale Price: $879.00

Magtech Ammunition

Magtech Ammunition

40 S&W @ $18 per 50rd box
45ACP @ $20 per 50rd box

LHR, Redemption Muzzleloader

the Adapt Breech system, which moves the threads to the outside of the barrel, thus eliminating seized breech plugs and assists in simplifying the cleaning process.
Uses a 209 ignition system.
This Redemption comes standard with Armornite corrosion protectant. Amornite is a nitride coating that allows the protection on the INSIDE and outside of the barrel where most corrosion and pitting occur.
This rifle is guaranteed not to rust.
The Stealth Striker cocking system is whisper quiet and eliminates scope clearance issues that come with traditional hammer cocking systems.
Finally the rifle comes with a FT2 Trigger, which adds a smooth-breaking light pull that allows the shooter consistency shot after shot.

Sale Price: $729.00


VEPR-12 Molot 12GA Shotgun

Designed on the basis of the Kalashnikov rifle.
Highly reliable and extremely durable shotgun for use in any service condition.
Features a double-sided flag-type safety device with two levers.
Chrome lined bore, chamber, gas chamber and receiver shaft.
The bolt holds open on the last shot.
1 factory 5rd polymer magazine.
The side folding stock has a weld to prevent it from folding.

Sale Price: $1,099.00


Ruger LC9 with factory fitted Lasermax Laser on the trigger guard

9MM, Double action only, Semi-auto.
Features smooth “melted” edges for ease of holstering, carrying & drawing
Highly-visible, adjustable 3-Dot sights (single-dot dovetailed front sight & low-profile two-dot rear sight)
Item # 3206

Sale Price: $399.00


Plano All Weather Tactical 42" case

All Weather Tactical 42" case is designed for the most extreme conditions.
The 42" Tactical boasts ultra thick walls, Dri-Loc weather resistant seal, lockable, heavy duty dual stage latches, plus a pressure release valve.
The AW Series is the ultimate shield against the elements.

Sale Price: $99.00

Hi-Point Carbine

Hi-Point 9mm Carbine

Carbine TS (Target Stock) with Forward Grip
Sling Swivels, Sling and Scope Base Included
Other models and calibers available, prices may vary

Sale Price: $329.00

Russian M9130

Russian M9130 Nagant


Sale Price: Starting at $199.00


Chester Arms LLC (Gun Shop Southern NH)

Image of Chester Arms gun shop, New HampshireOur goal at Chester Arms is to provide you with the best shopping experience possible. We have an established full time retail gun shop in Derry, NH as well as providing internet sales, that prides itself on customer service and great pricing. Large or small, all sales are equally important. Chester Arms gun shop is centrally located in tax free Southern New Hampshire. We offer a wide variety of firearms and accessories from many different manufacturers. We carry some of the top name brands in the firearms industry to date.

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